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Free viewer account for fans of photography#61

Consider creating a free account for folks who like to view images but not post. A viewer only account or fan of photography account can help bring it more users and you might even convert them to paid users. A good example is someone who might want to learn about photography but are not yet ready to jump in. There’s also a lot of people that just like to view quality images.

3 years ago

Yeah, just make full membership an in app purchase and offer the app “for free” in a viewing only mode. One step up from viewing mode could be a commenting mode where one can comment but not upload pics. Full access is then the option where one could post pics.

3 years ago

I commented this on a lower voted post that’s about this same idea: free commenter accounts is a terrible idea. Like, that’s how you get spam and sock puppets and harassment campaigns. People who post photos are far more valuable to the community that people who just comment. If anything (you couldn’t actually enforce this) we should charge comment only accounts more and photographers less.

It’s ok if this app is not for everyone. It doesn’t need to have millions of users because there quickly reaches a saturation point where additional users just crowd out current users in anyone’s ability to keep up with their feed.

3 years ago

Instead of free viewer accounts, we should work on developing groups within the app, maybe based on region? Free viewer accounts just sounds like a popularity contest. We’re here to share our art, not to perform for the public. There are plenty of apps for that, and we’ve seen what took them over.

3 years ago
Merged into A Free Version#25
2 years ago