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Bookmark photos#33


Ability to save for photo to view later, would be nice substitue to like feature.

5 months ago

This could potentially be handled via the Quick positive feedback feature. Likes are essentailly a type of bookmark.

5 months ago

Agreed Grant, but I would prefer if these features were kept separate.

  • Private Favorite/Bookmark
  • Like only shared with Poster & Liker only
5 months ago

Yeah, I absolutely see that distinction now.

5 months ago

Yeah, we’ve been hesitant to conflate the two actions. Thanks for the feedback!

5 months ago

This, so much
The only way to save a photo you liked for later is to take a screenshot, which is not great in many ways

5 months ago

I prefer the absence of a “liking” system, but I do wish there was a way to “bookmark” a photo I see that I would like to be able to find again later.

5 months ago

I, too, would love to have a bookmark feature. But it should be private to the viewer, or perhaps the viewer and poster – or it will just be misused as a “like”.

5 months ago
Merged Save photos to favorities#198
4 months ago
Changed the status to
a month ago

Keeping appreciations (likes) and bookmarks separate is fine, but a way to view the posts I’ve appreciated would still be beneficial. There’s a reason I appreciated it and I might want to revisit it later without needing to take two actions when one would suffice.

8 days ago