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Quick positive feedback#2

Many early testers have been lamented that the only way to give feedback is to comment on a photograph. While this helps spur discussion, it’s inherently heavier weight than just liking/favoriting/hearting the photograph.

2 months ago
Changed the status to
2 months ago

In order to avoid constant count comparisons we plan to make this light weight positive feedback completely private.

The person receiving the “private like” will get a notification and the positive vibes, but this won’t be displayed publicly in the interface to anyone else.

2 months ago

Could there also be a means to view all of the photographs that we’ve previously liked? Again, this should be a private view for the “liker”.

a month ago

I think you’re the second person asking for this that I’ve heard of so far Grant. We might not have that in the first iteration, but if more people want to have a record for personal use we can prioritize it for the future.

a month ago

Works for me.

a month ago

I also like that there are alternatives to ‘comment-only’ being considered.
I’d love Grant’s feature, too, Tom.

a month ago

I find it very heartening that you’re putting this much care into avoiding harmful dopamine slot machines.

I think the proposed private-like solution is excellent. And I too would like to have a way to find my favorite photos from days and weeks past in a neat list.

However, this feels like two features. I don’t always want to communicate to a creator that I want to remember or like something they made. Only sometimes. And I think that a Like should be private to the liker and the poster and that the Favorite should be entirely private to the favoriter.

a month ago
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24 days ago
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23 days ago
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23 days ago

Commenting is inherently heavier weight than just liking/favoriting/hearting the photograph. I want to keep it that way. I don’t want to hear from other glass users unless they are willing to put in the effort to leave thoughtful comments.

23 days ago
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22 days ago

It would be great to “indent” in the chain of comments on photos - so that the messages tie into a thread of sorts.

14 days ago

I like the idea of private likes and public comments. I’m not keen on the idea of dislikes–that’s something to be articulated in a constructive comment.

12 days ago

A thought I had instead of likes is simple engagement metrics. How many times did someone feel my photograph warranted a closer look? How many times have people been intrigued enough by a photo to explore the rest of my uploaded images? Those would be interesting to know, and I think more honest than a ‘like’ button.

3 days ago