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Create albums of my photos#95


Would like to be able to create albums so I can share photos of a specific genre or with a theme

3 years ago

I think that just adds quantity. I never liked instagram albums because maybe you don’t like all of them

3 years ago

It would be great to have this. Posting photos is all about storytelling, and sometimes it takes more than one to tell the full story.

Many ways to implement this - I’d either like to post a few photos in a post with the same caption and discussion, or create albums where people can discuss a series. Leave those details up to you!

3 years ago

This for sure adds quantity, but it can be handled in a feed pretty easily, for example as Flickr does, that shows your recent uploads, but if there are many at the same time, it will combine then and show something like:

John Doe’s updates
[photo1][photo2] "+ 23 images" that are a link to the profile (see here if you want a more graphical explanation:

3 years ago

Yes that would be great create albums may with a link to send to others to download , but that would cost a lot I thing with extra traffic , I would not mind to pay more for that service, i did try We transfer and it’s so unreliable,

2 years ago

Absent sharing/downloading, it would be great to be able to group photos by theme or bodies of work on the portfolio page. In my own photos, travel photos don’t make alot of sense intermingled with abstracts. It would be nice to see how other photographers organize their work as well.

9 months ago

I would LOVE to be able to creat Galleries/albums on my profile and link photos from my stream to a Gallery.

It would allow me to showcase my top B&W Urban shots vs my Travel photography it would also be extremely useful for sharing links to non-glass members to see my “portfolios”

7 months ago