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Web/desktop version#57

Although I would love to have an Android version, I’d like a desktop/web version more. I often edit my photos on my desktop and being able to upload them from the same device would be great!

a month ago

Yes! apps are fun to interact with people, but desktop web experience for photography its crucial!

a month ago

Agree that web or desktop version would be very welcomed. I also edit on the desktop, and would rather share from there.

a month ago
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22 days ago

+1 - A Progressive Web App would be a welcome addition.

As a paid SAAS product, I’d expect that you’d eventually have native Windows, Mac, iOS (phone/tablet), Android, Web Mobile, Web Desktop/PWA, and a fully open API. Additionally, distribution on multiple android stores if an Android version is released.

As we pay to use your product, I believe that means meeting customers wherever they are at within reason. Sure, it is expensive in terms of R&D budget as nobody wants to maintain that much code. Using flexible languages / frameworks such as uno or xamarin helps.

As both a former Apple employee / Mac user who now prefers Windows and uses both, I know firsthand embracing everything is good for keeping active users active. The apps I use most work everywhere.

Its good for business too! Imagine if most paid users signed up on Windows and you got to keep 85-95%? That’s leaving money on the table. I’ve quit Apple, I suggest you try it too.

19 days ago

One of the biggest problems with Instagram, for photographers, was how downright hostile Insta was to a workflow centered on a dedicated camera, and one of the biggest ways they displayed that hostility was with a second class desktop/web experiance.

19 days ago

It would be nice if there were deterrents for downloading/stealing the larger size images from a browser. Preventing drag & drop and right-click save to. Maybe allow users to turn-on water marking ala

8 days ago

@Joshlittle Agreed, just don’t forget us Linux users! We don’t need anything special, just stick to standards and don’t slam the door in our face. I’ve had sites that refuse to load purely based on user agent ID strings, despite no technical reason the site wouldn’t wok.

@Kelco I really like this idea of automatic watermarking. The issue with doing things like preventing drag/dop and right-click-save is that you can always screen cap anything you can display.

3 days ago