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Any source of user side filtering / group system will be beneficial to:

• Discover new content
• Discover new users
• Create community around categories/tags
• Manage your own photos

Either trough the use of exif data ( that should be editable ), a fixed category system ( street photo, portrait, landscape, etc ) or literal user managed tags.

3 years ago

I think adding tags or hashtags as soon as possible is an absolute must.

As a new user I followed the few people I could think to search for, but there is no way for me to search and find users and photos in areas of photography I am intereted in.

This being a paid service I think it really needs to be able to draw in users and feed them stuff they like otherwise it might be hard retaining them if they do not find people to follow.

3 years ago
Merged Follow Topics or Hashtags#111
3 years ago

+1 for this. I have just signed up and it asking me to follow photographers. I have never heard of any of them. I would very much like to follow genres or tags to get inspiration. Automotive, portrait, landscape type stuff.

3 years ago

If not too late, will you please consider adding the tags and hashtags in a field? I #really #dont like #tags to #looklikethis.

#tag #blah #blah

This looks ugly and too much “Instagram Mentality.”

3 years ago

would be good , may that’s a different ball game I’m not that technical

2 years ago

Definitely need some type of tag or hashtag system about this point. The app is getting popular and with the flood of more and more photos, it’s so difficult finding photos you’re searching for. It’s impossible to locate a photo of Iceland. I have to look through the “landscape” category and scroll for days.

2 years ago

Honestly, coming from Vero, i find hashtags a pure mess. Full of duplicate and they bloat the UI, which is now clean and focused on the image.

Also, I find the category system we have now a lot faster and easier to categorize the images. By introducing hashtags the current categories become less useful because users could add a photo into a landscape category with tons of unrelated hashtags.

If we really want extra ways to tag images, there should be official tags and not user-made made. If custom-made, at least they should be suggested by analyzing the image (like Vero and EyeEm)

9 months ago

Personally think hashtags would really hurt the vibe of Glass. Assigning your photo to categories is great!

If you want engagement here you get it by giving it out, not by attaching your photo to hashtags.

Please do not do this! Categories and your new search engine are perfect!

7 months ago