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World map view 馃搷#37

A way to Explore the world. That鈥檚 all.

2 years ago

It鈥檚 a lovely feature idea and being able to localize (vaguely) photos that don鈥檛 have lat/long would be nice but the problem becomes that Glass ends up in possession of dangerously precise locations of potentially very private places. So reducing the precision of GPS coordinates would be necessary to ensure privacy and safety.

2 years ago

Or giving the option to the users to share on the map only some photos they choose and/or let the user manually enter a location for a photo

2 years ago

I love this idea! One thing that always impresses is opening the map view on MacOS Photos app and viewing the photos peppered all around

a year ago

I agree with @Olivier Lacan. It opens things up to potential abuse. That said maybe as an extra feature maybe there could be a geocache option, that defaults to off but can be turned on for those that want to use that option, or just have to enter a rough location the manual way.

9 months ago