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API / MicroPub#16


Are there any plans for an API or a way to use Glass as a MicroPub client? It would be pretty neat to be able to syndicate photos to and from a personal website. (Micropub: Syndication: or )

a year ago

I’d even appeciate an RSS feed of my photos with some way of pulling a full-resolution version so I can set up my own tools to archive things down to Flickr or automatically post a link to a Glass post on Twitter.

a year ago

I’d also love to see Micropub API support. (And feeds!) There are a number of popular apps on iOS and macOS now — like Ulysses and iA Writer — that use Micropub behind the scenes to post to, and they work with photos. Basing posting to Glass on an API standard will make it much easier to get compatibility with lots of apps without reinventing the wheel.

a year ago

Agree that micropub would be awesome.

And Manton is your man for this—listen to his sage advice!

a year ago

Yes, please provide a full-fledged api. They already have one going on but it’s a bit limited. Small steps in the right direction.

a year ago

need that micropub support 🤤

7 months ago

I posted a similar request - - so you can merge that one with this request. This feature would substantially increase my use of Glass. Add custom domain support and it will be perfect.

6 months ago