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A curated feed of good photos#133


As this grows, it will be increasingly difficult to find good photos among all the members. it will be necessary to have some thing like the Explore page on Flickr, which could either be generated automatically by user likes on photos (if likes are indeed added), or manually by moderators or users. it’s really the best way for us to discover the most interesting photographers.

a year ago

I agree. I’m already seeing the app being used as a place for people to post snapshots. Not really the high quality work I was expecting here. And I can’t search for photos so I’m forced to deal with it.

a year ago

This kind of feature can have a pretty high degree of difficulty when it comes to sticking the landing, so I won’t be surprised if / when it takes longer than you might want to be developed.

a year ago

I like the chronological feed and as a reult I’m being much more selective in who I follow. This reduces the ‘snap shot’ syndrome

a year ago

“Let’s reimplement the dark patterns of other social media that we came here to escape” is a dangerous game. There’s already a system for “likes” in progress. And now an algorithm curation is being suggested.

Part of the niceness of this app is that it is calmer. I’d add a feature like this with extreme care.

10 months ago

I agree. It is very difficult at this point to go through a category like “landscape” and actually see any true landscape photos that I like or it even being classified as a landscape photo. Unfortunately, the only way to really prioritize favored photos may be through the number of ‘appreciations’ each photo gets which usually means the more followers, the more ‘appreciations’ and therefore it’s a way to game the system.

3 months ago

I’m not sure I agree with this suggestion. How do photographers who aren’t as “good” or popular ever going to get any visibility, engagement, or feedback?

a month ago

Deciding what’s “good” let alone, artful, is a silly game without a known curator’s acknowledgment or accountability. Basing judgement on “likes” or “appreciations” has little to do with quality. I would be supportive of a guest curator serving a limited term who “takes over” an image stream. The guest role could be filled by someone with credentials or rotated among Glass members.

15 days ago