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Enhance the social features#126

It is hard to build a real conversation by simply commenting on individual photos. If this is to become a ‘community’, I think we need something more. I’m not sure what the answer is here, but some ideas:

1) Allow people to create groups, so they can discuss photography in that smaller, private group
2) Create community-wide discussion forums on different topics, e.g. everyone that wants to learn more about landscape photography or discuss their love of shadows, or a Q/A area
3) Allow photographers to create ‘posts’ that mix in with their photos, where they can write a little bit about their photography in general (almost like a blog), so you can learn a bit more about a photographer other than just their photos.

At the moment, Glass just seems a bit empty/loney and there isn’t really anything at this stage to make the app/community feel alive and sticky.


a year ago

The photos themselves are what keeps me coming back. I know it is tempting to add the kinds of features we see in other apps but we know how badly that can turn out. There is a value in keeping the app calm. I came back to glass because it is quieter than other social media. Beware adding noise for the sake of engagement.

10 months ago

The first and easiest thing must be a DM-function thou. So two people can have a chat about what not in private, or am I wrong. It feels dumb to talk about >insert random topic< on a photo of a horse. :)

10 months ago

I would also love community groups. When I heard this app described as the modern Flickr, I thought immediately of the photo groups from the mid 2000s that were so lovely to be a part of. I really think this community needs a group feature so that we can see photos by topic and not just by photographer

5 months ago

Has this improved in the 9 months this post exists?
I’m new here and while the subscribtion is on trial I find it hard to stick around. Photography is good, but practically every good photographer on here has a website or an instagram page. You can see the same photos on there.

If community is what you’re building, there should be features that support it, like the OP mentioned: Groups, maybe a ‘guestbook’ on your page where people could leave comments and questions about your photography in general, not under a specific photo.

Hope to see it grow!

2 months ago

I’m on trial, and here in July 2022 the pickings are pretty slim image wise, there are few images and engagement seems sparse and superficial. One can have a “calm” environment that can also be deep. Writing about photography is as old as photography itself.

15 days ago

My greatest interest is photobooks – indeed, I teach a university course in just that – and it would be nice to instead of just post a pretty photo or such, to have a way to put up a series of photos that hang together and give a larger, different experience than just a feed of shots.

3 days ago